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Granite is an increasingly popular choice of surface for countertops within the home and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Its uniqueness and resilience make it an ideal cost-effective option if you are thinking of giving your home a make-over.

Granite is a natural material. It is an igneous rock that is quarried out of the ground, cut and then polished in processing plants using diamond abrasives. As each slab of granite rock is different, using granite for surfaces in the home is a great way of adding a distinctive character and providing an attractive finishing touch.

Benefits of Granite Countertops

There are a number of good reasons to opt for granite surfaces in your home.

They’re attractive – granite is an eye-catching natural resource, coming in a wide variety of vivid colours and patterns. Its course-grained structure gives its appearance a beautiful complexity. It can be used to make rooms in your home stand out and, as each piece of granite is naturally formed rather than designed, you can be sure of its uniqueness.

They’re durable – well-known for its toughness, granite has long been used for statues and flooring. The polished material has strong resilience against heat, scratching and liquid staining, plus it’s a good option in terms of hygiene as it’s 99.9% anti-bacterial. Your granite countertop will not depreciate either, so is a good long-term option.

They’re low maintenance – granite surfaces are very easy to keep clean. You simply wipe them over with a cloth and you can use most standard cleaning products on them (although it is recommended to use non-abrasive cleaners). As the surface is naturally shiny, you won’t need to spend ages with the polish to make it look nice and fresh.

They’re affordable – there was a time when granite worktops were the preserve of richer households but now, thanks to the availability of the raw materials and number of stone fabricators in business, costs have come down and it is an affordable option for most. It’s not cheap but, when you consider what you’re getting and how long it will last, it’s a good investment.

There are one or two downsides to using granite. It’s very heavy compared to some other materials and its uniqueness means that it’s not the ideal choice if you want something more uniform or perhaps a plainer design. But the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.

Uses of Granite Countertops

Granite is most commonly used for kitchen worktop surfaces but it can also be used elsewhere in the kitchen. If you really want to go for a full granite look, you could extend to a breakfast bar or a dining table. Granite is also becoming an increasingly popular option in barbeque worktop designs, mainly due to its superior weather-resilience to wood.

You can add a luxury feel to your bathroom by opting for a granite finish. Granite surfaces can be used for countertops, shower units, walls and flooring as an alternative to tiling. Not only will it look nice but it will make the cleaning chores that little bit easier.

You can check out some remodel pictures to see how things might look in the kitchen and bathroom.

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